August 12, 2014 (Job 708)

On August 12, 2014 the East Bay Municipal Utility District awarded the Summit Reservoir and Shasta / Woods Pumping Plant (Specification #2070) to Steve P. Rados, Inc. The contract value for this project is $15,995,280, and is anticipated to take about 23 months to complete. The project involves demolition of the existing Summit Reservoir, Shasta /Woods Pumping Plant, the construction of a 400,000 gallon bolted steel tank; a 3.5 million gallon prestressed concrete tank with mat foundation; associated pipelines (6 inch to 30 inch); the construction of a new Shasta/Woods Pumping Plant Reservoir valve pit structure; supply and installation of three (3) 1.2 million gallon per day – 75 HP vertical turbine pumps; and three (3) 1.4 million gallon per day – 125 HP vertical turbine pumps; miscellaneous landscaping and site improvements.

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