Heavy Construction Projects: Pipelines, Plants, Concrete Culverts and Channels

Steve P. Rados, Inc.'s Heavy Construction Division handles the construction of large diameter pipelines and tie-in structures, channels and concrete culverts, as well as water and/or air treatment facilities, to provide California's ever growing population with dependable and up to date infrastructure for water supply and the handling of sewage waste. A typical pipeline project will include excavating, laying, and backfilling miles of pipe, either along existing roadways or through open country, and connecting into existing facilities or new structures. Rados is an expert in the accommodation and construction of appurtenances associated with its pipeline, plant, or concrete culvert and channel projects. The diameters of our pipeline projects range from 22" to as large as 144"; although Rados specializes in the large diameter pipeline installations. We are skilled at implementing shoring systems to protect the public, our workforce, and the work itself. Rados utilizes shoring systems such as moveable trench shields, drilled beams and either timber or steel plate lagging, slip panel shoring, secant pile wall shoring, sheet piles, soil nail and gunite shoring; the specific application dependent upon the soil conditions and depth of the excavations. Dewatering of the site and/or soil improvements may be necessary as well; Rados is prepared to implement dewatering systems as necessary to accommodate its work. The following is a sample of featured Rados projects that demonstrate our experience in Heavy Construction.