Transportation Projects: Bridges, Highways and Transit

Steve P. Rados, Inc.'s Transportation Construction Division handles the construction of freeways, highways, bridges, and retaining walls, mass transit or light rail, etc., in order to widen, replace, or realign California's greatly burdened transportation infrastructure. Current and past transportation projects include reconstructing and widening 12 miles of the SR 22 Freeway in Orange County, CA, using the design-build delivery method; realigning the connection between the 405 Freeway and the 101 Freeway (one of the most heavily traveled interchanges in the country) in Sherman Oaks, CA; working on vital projects associated with the Alameda Corridor – a major rail transportation freight line from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles; constructing 2.5 miles of an elevated light rail system for the METRO Green Line; and a design-build contract for the 6.7 mile EXPO 2 Light Rail Facility between Culver City and Santa Monica, CA. We take great pride in our participation in these capital improvements which increase public safety by easing traffic congestion on California's bridges, roadways and freeways, and which increase the glow of goods and people on our state's rail systems. A selection of featured projects either completed or being constructed by our Transportation Construction Division follows.