January 13, 2014 (Job 704)

On December 19, 2013 the City of Lincoln located in Placer County, California executed a contract with Steve P. Rados, Inc. in the amount of $20,092,100, to construct the Midwestern Placer Regional Sewer, Regional and Reclamation Pipelines project. Specifically, this project involves the construction of approximately 13 miles of 22-inch to 28-inch diameter sewer pipelines within roadways and across private properties. Also included is the construction of approximately 2.3 miles of 12-inch to 16-inch diameter reclaimed water pipelines. Rados will also construct appurtenances such as an irrigation control facility, valves, valve structures, four pigging stations, an energy dissipation structure, a biofilter, erosion control and environmental mitigation, as well as roadway restorations throughout the alignment. Although the majority of the pipelines will be installed using conventional open-cut methods, Rados and its subcontractors will be performing two (2) horizontal directional bores as well as one (1) conventional jack and bore. In the award of this contract, the City of Lincoln exercised an option to have Rados construct appurtenances for a future connection to the Auburn WWTP. The project is receiving most of its funding from the California Clean Water Revolving Fund Program, and construction should begin in February 2014.

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