July 1, 2014 (Job 706)

On July 1, 2014 Caltrans awarded the Horsethief Creek Bridge project (#08-0J8504) to Steve P. Rados, Inc. The project involves the reconstruction of the Horsethief Creek bridge near Silverwood Lake, on Highway 138 east to Interstate 15 near Hisperia, CA. The project, valued at $5,866,648, is scheduled to start in September 2014 and should be completed by January 2016. The project is interesting in the fact that the new bridge will be built in two stages, maintaining one lane of traffic, in alternating directions, with the utilization of a temporary traffic signal. Rados will initially demolish approximately 18 feet of width, the east portion of the existing bridge. The east half of the new bridge will be built while maintaining the one direction of traffic on the remaining portion of the old bridge. Once the portion of the new bridge is built, we will then divert traffic to it, demolish the west portion of the old bridge, and build the new westwardly portion of the new bridge. The 185 feet long main span over the existing creek, will actually be built using three short segment of Bulb-T Girders that will be spliced together after erection.

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