June 9 2012 (Job 297)

On June 9, 2012 the San Francisco Public Utilities

Commission awarded the Seismic Upgrade of Division Pipelines No. 3 and No. 4 at the Hayward Fault contract to Steve P. Rados, Inc. Referred to as SFPUC Contract No. WD-2629, this $31,370,000 contract will require Rados to reconstruct portions of these pipelines under the Mission Blvd. / I-680 interchange in Freemont, CA, to make these two pipelines more resistant to damage in the event of a major earthquake along the Hayward Fault in that area. One of the major components of the project is the construction of an articulating vault and “slip joint” in these pipelines under the freeway, allowing them to move but not fail during an earthquake. The hope is to mitigate damage to these pipelines, so as to provide continuous water supply to the San Francisco bay area during a major seismic event.

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