Project Title: City Trunk Line South Unit 4 Phase 2
Contract No.: 7285
Contract Amount: $14,466,500
Job Duration: July, 2015 through April, 2017
Agency: Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Work Performed: Steve P. Rados, Inc. again partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to install Phase 2 of the City Trunk Line South Unit 4 Project. The project includes install of 1,695 feet of 54” and 60” steel pipe in the Studio City/Valley Village area. Unit 4 Phase 2 includes technical or difficult sections of pipe install that LADWP elected to put out for bid other than install with in-house crews. The project scope consisted of two pipe jacks totaling 500 feet, a 70 foot long section of 54” pipe hung underneath the Tujunga Wash and a 55 foot deep SEM Tunnel. The SEM tunnel is 250 feet long, includes multiple bends and the 60” steel carrier water line was installed in the tunnel.  This project represents the missing link of pipe install required to make water delivery in City Trunk Line South pipeline possible.