Project Title: L.A. Reservoir UV Disinfection Plant

Contract Amount: $48,830,264

Job Duration: May 2017 – August 2021

Agency: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


Work Performed:  Steve P. Rados has partnered with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to build the L.A Reservoir UV Disinfection Plant at the Van Norman Complex in Sylmar California. The project consist of the construction of a 34,500 square foot facility housing 15 – 48” UV reactor trains and a complex mechanical system. The extension of work includes shoring under the building footprint to install the 108” diameter pipe and the connecting wyes for the inlet and outlet 144” steel pipe. The second portion of the project includes the installation the flow control station adjacent to the UV building 144” pipe outlet. The span of the work at the flow control involves the installation of 96”, 60”diameter butterfly valves and 48” cone valves. In addition to the UV building and the flow control station scope of work includes the construction of the six underground vaults and 11 maintenance holes.