Project Title: Tehachapi East Afterbay – Completion Project – Phase II
Contract No.: C 51310
Contract Amount: $15,824,615
Job Duration: January 2006 through April 2006
Agency: State of California – Department of Water Resources

Work Performed: This contract was under the auspices of the California Department of Water Resources, and involved the completion of portions of a box culvert and trapezoidal channel in the Tehachapi Mountains north of Los Angeles, CA. A seasonal shutdown to the water delivery system in that region, gave Rados only 86 days from the date of the Bid to complete the work. Rados had to complete major aspects (base slab, walls, and roof slab) of 1,482 LF of variable section Box Culvert (9’ x 9’ to 16’ x 18’) as well as 59 LF of a 98’ wide x 26’ high trapezoidal transition structure.

Also included in the contract was the construction of a masonry control building, hydraulically controlled roller gates to control water into the Box Culvert and the Trapezoidal Channel from the main water supply channel in the area, as well as high pressure supply and return water piping.

Rados mobilized a crew in excess of one-hundred trades people and supervisors who worked the project 24/7 from early January until early April.