Project Title: Washington Boulevard / Santa Fe Avenue Grade Separation
Contract No.: C-0097
Contract Amount: $40,901,656
Job Duration: August 1999 through June 2002
Agency: Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA)

Work Performed: Steve P. Rados, Inc. had several contracts associated with the Alameda Corridor Trench Rail and Street Improvement, a mega project which grade depressed rail freight lines between the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and downtown Los Angeles. One such project was the Washington / Santa Fe Grade Separation project in the Cities of Vernon and Los Angeles. Rados constructed three bridges, eighteen different retaining walls, a 2,000 LF box culvert, and made major reconfigurations to city streets including Washington Boulevard, Santa Fe Avenue, and 16th Street, all to accommodate the heavy freight train traffic that would be generated from the Alameda Corridor Trench. Rados’ contract also included the relocation or reconstruction of city sewers, waterlines, storm drains, and city streets at the northern terminus of the Alameda Trench. Rados also installed rail facilities on two of the three bridges that it built on this contract, all while working adjacent to active rail traffic coming from the Ports.