Project Title: Water Pump Station Modifications
Contract No.: 07964-29626-141
Contract Amount: $1,967,000
Job Duration: March 2006 through January 2007
Agency: Stockton East Water District

Work Performed: In Phase 1 of the project Rados removed an existing 500HP electric driven vertical turbine pump and replaced it with a 700 HP electric driven vertical turbine pump system. Part of this change out included the installation of a new 4160 volt reduced voltage motor starter panel and modifications to the electrical raceway system. Phase 2 of the project included the installation of a new 12 KV Power Supply, step down transformer, extensive duct bank installations, and a new conduit raceway. We also installed two new 700HP, 4160 Volt VDF’s, and two new 480 Volt RVSS switchgears for seven vertical turbine pumps. As to the mechanical scope of work, Rados removed four diesel driven pumps and replaced them with three new electrically driven 36-inch diameter pumps. A new generator facility was constructed including the installation of four new generators, panels, switchboards, and transfer switches.