Rados Awarded Pump Station #1 and #7 Modification

Title: Pump Station #1 and #7 Modification

Contract No: PW 16-07

Contract Value: $3,248,950

SPR Job No: 715



Brief Project Description:


Remodeling of an existing sewage pump station, this project is located in the City of El Segundo approx. ½ mile from the coast.  This work will take place at the existing, 20 plus year old Sewage Pump Station No. 1 site located at Acacia Park on Acacia Avenue.  Attached are a few Photographs of the existing site.  Also included in the project is construction of a new 10-inch ductile iron forcemain in Acacia Avenue, Loma Vista Street, and Imperial Avenue, as well as modifications to the existing gravity sewer system at Walnut Avenue, Oak Avenue and Palm Avenue.  In addition to the improvements to the Lift Station 1 system, the project includes replacement of an existing 200 KW diesel powered generator located in Kansas Park. The generator is used to provide emergency power to the City’s Lift Station No. 4 located at Holly Avenue and Kansas Street.

Other notable features are:

–          Minor demolition/removals of park benches, BBQ’s, and small slabs

–          Construction of Operational Storage & Emergency Wet Well Structure

–          Relocation of 6-inch ceramic epoxy lined forcemain as support to the Bypass Pumping System during construction of the Emergency Wet Well

–          Installation of new manholes

–          Restoration of the site/park, similar to its original conditions


The project is Scheduled to start sometime in November 2016 and is expected to be completed within 200 working days as contracted.


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