Steve P. Rados, Inc. awarded Tequesquite Arroyo Trunk Sewer

On May 15, 2018, The City of Riverside awarded the Tequesquite Arroyo Trunk Sewer Replacement Phase IIB to Steve P. Rados, Inc.  The City of Riverside has a Sewer Program which includes projects to increase system capacity for new users and replacing aging or obsolete systems to meet new regulatory requirements.  This project awarded to Steve P. Rados is the second phase of sewer replacement along the Tequesquite Arroyo south of the 91 Freeway.

The project entails the installation of 6,261 LF of 36” FRPM by open cut method and 3,373 LF of 36” FRPM by microtunneling. It also includes the Installation of 39 each precast polymer manholes (under Alternate 2), construction of 950 LF of PVC sewer mains ranging from 8” to 18” and 540 LF of 24” diameter cured –in-place pipe liner.  The job is valued at $12,080,359 and is anticipated to be completed by August 2019.

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